Beit Zaman Hotel has high-speed internet connectio ( LAN & Wifi ) for free

Beit Zaman Hotel provides you with a daily cleaning and laundry service for your convenience

An old name for Damascus is a wonderful site located south of Damascus and We chose a name for this hall, which is characterized by a roof made in the traditional way called Tuan and dates back to the middle of the sixteenth century. It is noted that the drawings are either vegetarian or drawings of the palaces of the Umayyad caliphs on the banks of the Barada river

As Damascus was called by the Roman, it means in Latin the "Double Aroma" due to the delicate scent of Damascus air. While renovating the room. A fake unoriginal wall was removed and we discovered that the original old one which was obstructed for a century-is full of foliage, so the discovered drawings inspired the name of the room .... "Damasco" Damasco room is distinguished as well by its Persian style ceiling dated back to 400 years ago

Beit Zaman Hotel serves all occasions weddings and events because it contains land and spacious in every Damascene house of the hotel. Beit Zaman Hotel also offers photography, montage and camera coverage for all of the previous events

Beit Zaman Hotel offers valet parking for guests' convenience