With pride and pleasure we present to you Beit Zaman Hotel

Beit Zaman Hotel is located in the famous area of old Damascus - the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world - at the crossroad between the straight street called “via recta“ and Bab Touma street .

This part of the world is the cradle of Christianity and this particular part of the city witnessed the walk of St. Paul the Apostle to meet St. Hanania and take from him the principles of Christianity to spread them all over the world.

The place witnessed as well the glory of the Islamic civilization where the Umayyad processions passed on the way to China and Andalusia to clone Damascus with Cordoba, Toledo & Al Waleed town.

Once you step in Beit Zaman Hotel you will be mesmerized by the 300 years old fountains & granite tiles in the courtyards, the carved stone colored niches & the wooden doors which reflect the old Damascus culture as well as the charm of the past.

Beit Zaman boutique hotel is an ideal place to escape the daily tension, to enjoy a romantic vacation or to host a professional conference.

Your stay in Beit Zaman Hotel will enrich your memories with the old town’s sights facilitate the shopping of traditional handmade souvenirs and modern items due to its location in the old souk among the different historical and religious places.

Beit Zaman Hotel has 28 rooms and suites dispersed on two floors overlooking the damascene fruity trees:

Damascso Room

where you can savor the oriental & occidental food of our breakfast buffet. Damasco Room is equipped for business meetings & seminars (up to 25 persons).

Jillak Tea Room

a place to meet and relax under “Ajami Style“ wooden ceiling.

Al Dardasha Café

the hotel side walk cafeteria where you can have a hubble-bubble and a delicious beverage.

Hammam Zaman

a traditional steam bath where you can indulge yourself with a massage, skin scrub, body treatment to rejuvenate your body.

Al Areesha Terrace

a nice gathering in summer time, overlooking old Damascus.

Abou Nawas Bar

offers a variety of drinks & cocktails in a delightful cozy atmosphere.